Business members and groups

The Business Club of “De Hoge Dijk” offers companies from the greater Amsterdam region a superb opportunity to further develop their network. In a rural and relaxed setting your customers, business associates, and employees can be entertained.
The Business Club also organizes club matches, for its members to get to know each other.

Groups can be accommodated for fun outings. Whether it’s a birthday party, a family reunion, or group of friends, we’re happy to organize a day for you with lessons (clinic), a round of golf, and catering.

Golfcentrum De Hoge Dijk

Golf school “De Hoge Dijk” is happy to organize a golf day with you for your business associates, friend, family, or colleagues. If you’d like to discuss the options, please send an email to:

A golf clinic is just the perfect solution for an employee event or a customer event. Regardless of the skill level, everyone enjoys a clinic. You can also run a clinic for birthday parties, children’s parties, or family reunions.
Please click here for more information. 

Foot golf
Our 3.600 meter 9-holes Abcoude course can be used for foot golf tournaments. For more information please contact, or, or call  +31 (0)6-11 882 122.

Our club house boasts two meeting rooms with a capacity of 60 seats each. The meeting rooms can be booked for €95 per half day or evening. For booking or information please send an email to

Business Club “De Hoge Dijk”

Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk - Golfen in Amsterdam

With a combination of golf, catering, and hospitality our Business Club will offer you a superb platform to boost your business network. In a quiet, rural environment you will be able to spend some quality time with a prospective customer or a business associate. You can do this in the restaurant, or while playing a round of golf. Do you need specific information? Just mail to

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Businessclub De Hoge Dijk packages

What you get with Par/Birdie/Eagle

• Greenfees as mentioned with the package
• Business Club competition (greenfee 9 holes matches, incl. parking ticket, excl. catering)
• Ability to add business associate or colleague
• Golfclinic 10 persons, Eagle package free, discount Par- en Birdie package
• Possibility to sponsor club matches (prices + company presentation)
• Matches with business clubs from other golf course
• Spacious opportunities for reservations
• Your company name prominently visible at the entrance
• Your company name, with hot link, on our web site
• Your company name in our newsletters (6000 subscribers)
• Discounted greenfees on 16 SGNL courses across The Netherlands, greenfee 18 holes € 40,-
• Free use of meeting rooms for 6 mornings, afternoons, or evenings (excl. catering)


Option “NGF”: NGF membership (via Olympus), incl. handicap registration: € 52
– Option “Group”: For 10 rounds of golf no other players in your group: € 250
– Golfclinic 10 pers. Birdie package € 175
– Golfclinic 10 pers. Par package € 280

Additional greenfees:

20 x 9 holes (or 10 x 18 holes): € 430
50 x 9 holes (or 25 x 18 holes): € 1.000
100 x 9 holes (of 50 x 18 holes): € 1.850
Annual pass (personal pass, unlimited access): € 1.105
Additional Business Club member (includes 8 x greenfee): € 250

*Prices subject to change

Business Club members

Many entrepreneurs from the greater Amsterdam region use Business Club “De Hoge Dijk” to further develop their network. As a member of the Business Club you also are a sponsor, and will your company name be prominently posted in various locations. You will also be able sponsor club matches.
These are some of the current members of our Business Club:

For personal contact please mail to:

AHA de Man
A.H. Duynker Elektro-technisch Serviceburo B.V.
Bangarage Volvo
Domus Magnus
Dubois & Co Registeraccountants
ERA Contour
Fit20 Amsterdam Zuidoost
Geijsel Kroon
Golfacademy De Hoge Dijk
HDV Signmakers
Honeywell B.V.
Iggesund Paperboard
ING – Oranje Leeuw
KWS Infra B.V.
La Grouw Consulting
Rabobank Amstel en Vecht
Schildersbedrijf Schulpzand
Technische Unie
Unica Installatietechniek

Sponsor opportunities “De Hoge Dijk”

Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk - Golfen in Amsterdam

Lead sponsorship “De Hoge Dijk”

• banners
• Pin flags
• Signs throughout the 27 hole complex
• Logo stickers on the deck
• Your company name and logo on our buggies

Please contact us for pricing details.

“De Hoge Dijk”offers you a wide range of opportunities to generate exposure for your company on our golf course, our club house, and our web site. This is a platform for high-quality engagement with your network and your prospective customers.
Please see below for some of the sponsorship options. Feel free to contact us, we’ll also be happy to create custom sponsor solutions for your company.

-Your company name and logo on the web site: € 300 per annum
-Your company name and logo on our score cards (half page):
€ 950 per year for the championship course
€ 650 per year for the 9 holes Abcoude course
-Your company name and logo on a tee box sign (per hole, excl. material): € 1.250 per annum
-Your company name and logo in the cups (9 holes, ecl. material): € 1.500 per annum
-Putting green sponsor (a sign, flags, and cups with your company name and logo, excl. material): € 1.250 per annum
-Sponsoring of club matches, € 500 per match:
Your company name and logo will be added to the match documents and the match information on our web site. On game day you can run a company presentation (nonstop loop, eg. PowerPoint) on the TV screen in the club lounge. Finally you can enter 2 participants in the match at no charge.

All prices are excl. VAT