Handicap 54 / GVB course

2-Day Course GVB (Golf Ability License) / Handicap 54 • Only € 149,-

Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk - Golfen in Amsterdam

Golfacademy De Hoge Dijk in Amsterdam organizes 2-day courses for starting golfers, who want to pass both their theory and practical exams. After completing the course you are allowed to enter De Hoge Dijk on your own to walk your cards, reach your handicap and then lower it.

Where can you learn to play golf better than with an official PGA Professional from Golfacademy De Hoge Dijk!

Get your Handicap 54 (GVB) in two days

We offer you two pleasant days in which you can achieve your GVB (Golfvaardigheidsbewijs in Dutch) or Handicap 54 with us. These two days are filled with a good dose of practical lessons. Including practicing the full swing, pitching, chipping and putting. We also practice bunker play and conclude with a course lesson to immediately apply the learned theory in practice. These are the essential aspects of the golf game that you will need while playing. You can register, together with a friend or alone.

Get your GVB in two days at Golf Academy De Hoge Dijk in Amsterdam!

Handicap 54 / GVB course

€ 149,-

Golf equipment

You can use the golf clubs that we have at your disposal at the academy.

Course lesson

In addition to practicing on the driving range, you also receive 2 hours of course lessons, supervised by our professional. This gives you a good feeling for the golf game in the course itself.

NGF exam

We also give theory lessons with this course, which you conclude with an official NGF exam. This exam is essential for obtaining your GVB / Handicap 54.

There is room for a maximum of 8 to 10 participants per course weekend. This way, everyone gets enough attention from our professionals.

9.30Welcome, with coffee and tea
10.00Start course (lesson on the driving range)
13.00Lunch (at your own expense)
14.00Follow-up lesson on the driving range
16.00Theory lesson
17.30End of day 1
10.00Theory exam
11.00Lesson on the driving range
13.00Lunch (at your own expense)
14.00Play round practice
16.00End of course

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Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk - Golfen in Amsterdam

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