Our young members (<21)

Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk - Golfen in Amsterdam

Olympus pays special attention to young players. The Youth Committee has an active program, with a focus on fun.
As they have fun playing the game, they develop their skills along the way, with the assistance of the teaching pros and trainings coached by parents. Obviously we pay a lot of attention to rules, etiquette, and safely, supported by parents to develop and run the program.

The youth section has dedicated classes and matches, classified by age and skill. Obviously all this takes place outside of school hours.
The Youth Committee tracks the development of the players, so as to identify exceptionally talented kids as early as possible. Olympus has a special talent program during  the off-season. The NGF has certified our program as “Committed to Youth”, underscoring it meets the highest standards.

Next to participating in their own program, the young players can join all matches organized by Olympus. In fact, many competitions have been won by youngsters, and even a club championship can be won by a member without a drivers license…

Golf is a nice change from all the stress around homework and tests. It’s a cool way to spend time outside and develop social skills in one fell swoop, making friends along the way while learning a sport that will last a lifetime.

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