The talents of the Olympus youth participate in  the GolfTON program. This is an excellent addition to the regular lessons we offer our youth members. GolfTON is the organization where our better players can develop their true talent to ultimately perform at the highest level. The highest level for GolfTON is the (Ladies) European Tour or (L)PGA Tour, with the dream of a GolfTON Ryder Cup or Solheim Cup player in 2030.


  • Mini-Potentials: Young youth (7 to 10 years) with a natural talent for golf, and combine it with one or more other sports
  • Potentials: Youth (9 to 15) with talent who wants to go all out for golf, which can be combined with a second sport at that age
  • Talents: the somewhat older youth who have already made the necessary steps and want to make golf their top sport
  • Top amateurs: Players who are considering turning pro in the next few years
  • Professionals: amateurs who are on the cusp of a career as a professional.

The programs are broad in scope. In addition to long and short game training, ample (extra) attention is paid to physical and mental development, course management and putting. Detailed information can be found on the website:

Follow our youth members participating in  the GolfTON program via the Instagram account and for videos with instructions.

Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk - Golfen in Amsterdam

The players of our Potentials group:

  • Shaheer Kidwai
  • Benjamin Tan
  • Hidde Udo
  • Ole Roelofs
  • <head pro Vasco Tilon>
  • Ingmar Schenau
  • Alex le Rhun

Not yet on the picture: Lucas Berntsen en Dante Soesman.

The players of our mini-potentials group:

  • Guusje de Boer
  • Danielle Young
  • Philip Vink
  • Benjamin de Boer
  • Lucien Villet
  • Joël Allers