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Add participation with activities and lessons March – November: €175Add annual access to Abcoude course (beginners <13 years old): € 100Add annual access all courses: € 198,50Add accompanying player (only Abcoude course, and only when playing in flight with child): € 100Please call me, I’d like to discuss my options with the Youth Committee

By signing this form, the undersigned agrees that the Open Golfclub Olympus collects personal data of the members that are necessary to communicate with the members, newsletters, competition information, other information that the board seems necessary and useful for members and invoices. Members have access to the data collected by the association at all times and have the right to deregister for receiving newsletters, competition and other information. If members wish to make use of this right, they must inform the secretary of the board of this in writing. Olympus places competition reports on the association's website, sometimes with photos taken during competitions and / or prize ceremonies. By signing this registration the undersigned agrees with that placement. Members who do not want to appear on the website on a photo must make this known in writing to the secretary of the board.

Memberships will be automatically renewed in January. Cancellation of your membership for the next year needs to take place latest by December 1st. There are no refund options.

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